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ON/OFF Kancy Switch
The universal smart switch from Kancy is the smallest universal switch of the world and tends to be the first step towards smart living. Referring to its size, it may be called as the smallest switch of the world, but referring to its power, it ma...
Kancy Shutter
Having complete control over your home is what home automation is all about and it is believed that the process should be observable right when you enter your house. The solutions provided by Kancy smart home systems also include the Kancy Servo. ...
Kancy Dimmer
With Kancy smart home solutions you get the complete package when it comes to home automation and having complete control over all the electronic appliances in your home. One of the core products in that package is the Kancy Dimmer. It is the most...
Kancy Plug
Kancy smart home is a range of products that redefine your lifestyle by giving you complete control over all electronics in your house. One of the most effective and simple to use products in our home automation solutions is the Kancy Plug. This u...