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We strongly believe that at the core of every successful business is its happy customers. Whether it is appreciation or critique, we welcome it with open arms because it is the tool we utilize to build our products on. The end result of this effort is to make sure that we build home automation products that truly address the needs of our customers. We not only considered it to be a privilege that you take interest in our work, we also deem it to be a critical part of our R&D and product development. No matter how small or big your suggestions and ideas may be, do share them with us openly so that we may learn to serve you better.

We have active portals on all popular social media channels, the links to which have been provided below. You can share your thoughts about the work we are doing and share your input in how we can tweak our current products or potential expansion ideas.

With our end goal being the provision of smart home solutions to consumers around the world at an extremely low cost, we truly recognize our own human and intellectual limitations. With your help we can fill the gaps where needed and bring to you a better and more appreciable service. Help us achieve this goal by giving your input using the links provided below. You can also contact us directly via email on the following address:

We will try to provide as many active avenues as we can for our customers so that they can get top-notch service without having to wait for long periods of time to get their problems solved. After all, the whole point of creating Kancy smart home solutions is to make the execution of everyday tasks in your life faster and automated. We look forward to talking to you!