About Us

Kancy is a project that has risen from a world of personal pains and the desire to live in a smarter and much more controlled environment. Being able to fully adhere to the current home automation era, we have decided to launch a range of products that do not need any specialized suite of elements to make it work. This realization was achieved when we performed months of market research and always found some limitation in the products being offered in the market currently. Therefore, instead of creating smart appliances, we decided to go universal in our pursuit to provide smart home experience and worked on the root i.e. the power supply. By installing a product that makes your power supply smart, you will be able to turn any ordinary device into a smart device that adheres to all the standards of home automation and the Internet of things age.


Kancy smart home is our way of solving power management problems that are close to our own hearts and resonates in the lives of millions of other frustrated homeowners. Having complete monitoring of your home’s appliances and being able to save power and also save time is certainly a priceless thing for most people. Providing a complete range of products for automation is the end goal that has driven us to produce the Kancy product line. Every single product was designed to ensure that we provide you with the solutions that no other brand is currently providing.


It is the merging of utility with quality that has been our hallmark since we initiated this project and our future goals are focused on build on that same energy and devotion. By providing the ultimate suite of home automation at an affordable price with the Kancy smart home products, we intend to help you take your home into the smart home age that we all have longed to be a part of for so long.

Company Overview
Established in 2014, we are IoT development company offering wide range of smart products to help people have an easier life.
Lighting system.
Multimedia Systems.
Security Systems.
Power saving Systems.
Simple controlling Systems.