It can be installed either into the wall light box or the  power junction box.

Check this installation video

Dimensions (L*W*H) (24*45.7*39)mm

It monitors all active appliances in the chosen spaces & alerts you to the amount of power consumption.

Kancy will switch off automatically all your active appliances.

Generally it is compatible with the following systems:110 – 240V ~ 50 – 60Hz approx. 3.6W.

Kancy app is compatible with any Apple IOS & Android.


User can create a  Kancy account by one of four available options :

           1-Facebook 2-Twitter 3-Gmail OR 4-create native Kancy account.

           Each user can create "Places" such as home, office, clinic, summer home     etc... Each place can be controlled by multiple users

           Each place has a name, password, and a list of users.

           Users can have different privileges levels such as Administrator or Resident  

No, it is a standalone device, it does not need a hub or any additional pieces.

If the user and device use the same local network, then yes, you can still   control it.

Internet outage affects the Wi-Fi Access Point only, which means you can’t control Kancy remotely. But you can still control Kancy with within the local network LAN.

You can log-on to kancy.com and change your password. When you get a new phone....

Yes, we have a one year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. If you ever face a problem with your switch, please contact us.

There are no additional required monthly fees.