Kancy Curtain Switch

Wifi Curtain Switch (Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant)

No Hub
Using your existing home Wi-Fi network, Kancy Curtain Switch provides wireless control by mobile using Kancy Mobile App.

TAKE CONTROL: Kancy Curtain Switch module is installed before your normal curtain switch to have the curtain wirlessly and remotely controlled by your smartphone, keeping the mechnical function of curtain switch as well., set up schedules from wherever you have WiFi connection using the Kancy Mobile App (iOS and Android). Control your Kancy On/Off Siwtch with your voice using Alexa or Google Assistant (sold separately). measure power consumption with Kancy mobile app.
VOICE ACTIVATED: Kancy Curtain Switch works with Alexa or Google Home Kit for voice control (Alexa and Google devices are sold separately). 
Compatible with Many Motors: Besides curtain switch, Kancy Curtain Switch is compatile with many motors, such as rollter shutter motor, garage door motor, venetian blind motor, window vertical blind, honeycomb shade motor, etc.
EASY INSTALLATION: To install the Kancy Curtain Switch, turn Off your home´s electricity and connect the devices you want to control using wires and a screw driver, hide the switch behind the wall faceplate at your desired wall location, turn on electricity back On,  download the Kancy mobile app and pair your switch within a few steps. Always follow the guide that comes with your smart device.


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