January 28, 2019

Saving Energy is very important issue these days. It seems at first glance that the simplest way to reduce energy consumption is to minimize using, but in fact, it is more complicated.

Save Energy

The smart home system is extremely helpful in controlling power consumption by controlling electrical devices and appliances in a different way.

Smart Mobile Application

Many research and consulting centers have conducted calculations on the amount of savings in electricity consumption using smart home.

According to the Fraunhofer Center, the home smart home system can save up to 40% of heating costs. This figure is an ideal.

The energy saving of heating has several factors, including insulating materials used in construction and windows insulation, which provides about 30%, according to studies, the use of smart home system will make a significant difference in saving.

Green House

Let’s see how smart home systems can help in controlling consumption and save energy:

 Smart Solar System

Many homeowners have begun to use solar cells system to generate and store the power, which is related to weather conditions and sunlight availability. This requires energy conservation to be maximized, and the smart home system plays a pivotal role.

 Smart Plug

The smart home system reduces energy consumption through several factors:

Minimize energy consumption of appliances: most people know nothing about the consumption of their electrical devices, by monitoring the power consumption of appliances can know all details about energy consumption during device working or when it in a standby mode, it might be unjustified consumption due to a malfunction.

By using smart sockets or plugs, you can turn off any electrical device when you notice excessive consumption.

With an application on your smartphone, you can turn off any device or multiple devices from work even when you're out of the house.

Smart Mobile Application

All unnecessary home appliances can be automatically turned off by Geofencing when you are out of the house.


Minimize energy consumption of the heating system in the house:

By using the smart thermostat, you can save on energy consumption of heating, which is considered as one of the most energy consumption.


The smart home system can make the heating devices work according to a specific program since the heating system will stop working during the absence of family members automatically, and work only when someone approaches home.


The smart home can monitor windows by sensors, and when sensing an open window, the system will automatically shut down the heating system and thus not waste useless energy.

Heating can also be controlled by any place in the house where there is no need to heat rooms where there is no one

 Smart House

Intelligent home systems are able to take more responsibility for raising people's awareness of energy conservation:

The applications of the smart home system allow users to monitor the power consumption on their smartphone over time, all this helps to educate consumers about the importance of energy conservation, non-waste, and energy saving, so they can determine how much they will pay for everything they have installed in their homes.

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