December 20, 2019

Making your festival & decorating lighting smart by
 Smart home devices

Decorating lights are beautiful and traditional, whether they are decorations for the Festive decorations or to decorate the home and the important thing is always to control them, which can be done through smart plugs or smart switch so that they are scheduled to be turned on and off automatically

There is no need to get rid of the good lights that you have been using for several years in order to turn theFestivelights into smart lights, especially those lights that you use outside and that are usually very expensive

Through the use of smart plugs, you can convert any electrical device into a smart device by connecting or disconnecting the power. This is very suitable for holiday lights as you typically control them by cutting their power (either by unplugging them or throwing a switch). Smart plugs are easy to set up, too: Just plug one into a wall outlet and plug your lights into it.

Making your festival & decorating lighting smart

Smart Plugs are versatile and let you control almost any device with your phone or smart speaker. This includes things like String lights, LED string light, Decorative light and outdoor decorative or anything you can think of. 

If you like the idea of controlling lamps and appliances without having to stop reading a book, waking up from your favorite couch, or bed rest, then this is a must-have. Choosing the right one may seem difficult, but we make this smart home guide easy for you! Check out Knacy smart Plugs and sockets to see what works best in your smart home that is coming soon

 Making your festival & decorating lighting smart-2

We recommend the use of the Kancy smart plug, power socket and Power strip with  Kancy app to control the festive lighting and the lighting of your decorations installed at home and it is a low cost compared to the types available in the market despite its high quality

Indoor lighting can be scheduled through the Kancy app and smart devices like the Kancy smart plug, smart switch, smart LED bulb and LED strip controller, all of these devices are available at low cost

Kancy RGB smart LED bulb is a fine entry-point if you haven’t yet smartened up your lighting.

Choose from a staggering 16 million colors including shades of white and every conceivable other part of the spectrum

Kancy Smart RGB controllers are another great option for automated lighting to suit any type of gathering. 

They also offers a solid set of light strips and tile sets if you want to become more creative with your lighting 

 You can enter voice control through Alexa and Google, and they are very well compatible with Kancy smart home devices where you can also schedule control by voice controllers.

You have many options if you decided to buy voice assistant likeAmazon Alexa, Google home assistant which can help with your playlists and fill the room with the immersive soundscape.

With Smart Speakers you have many options. You can play music on your internal smart speaker, of course. But if you have an external amplifier, you can send the music over there. Besides the echo button to turn on the lights, you can have a simple festival offer that everyone can enjoy

With Smart speakers, we'll go straight to the world of smart speakers. They not only provides sound and audio throughout the house, but also they come equipped with a digital assistant. Among the most popular digital assistants are Apple Apple Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google's Cortana. If you are having trouble try determining what is best for you.

You can set time schedules to turn on and off the decorative lights during the hours of the day and even during the days of the week ... day or night You only need to connect the smart devices to the power and connect them to the lighting, then run the application on your smartphone and set the schedules for automatic control of the lights

Through the application, you can give names to each smart device in proportion to the lighting connected with it, for example: Festival light1, Festival light2, color strip 1, color strip 2, color bulbs group and so on

You can group all of these devices into groups and run them together as one device, for example, within a schedule, for example, to turn them on at 6 pm and a schedule to turn them off at three in the morning.

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And you may want to turn on the indoor lighting before the outdoor lighting, so you can make two groups, one for indoor lighting and the other for the outdoor lighting and run each group at a different time.

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Also through the application you can create rules for operation by setting a condition and running several actions when the condition is met and these are called automation.