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How you can get mood lighting by smart home system


Smart lighting is an essential and common point for home automation, but there is something called mood lighting, so what is the main goal of modernization?

Using smart lighting makes your life safer and easier.

The automatic control of lighting in your home makes it seem busy even when you are outside the home or on vacation and this adds a strong layer of safety to your home.

Lighting control using an application on your smartphone or using voice commands makes your convenience first.

Smart lighting can be used for more than just utilitarian and automation tasks.

In this article we will review how mood lighting can be used to create different areas in your home depending on how those spaces are used.

 How you can get mood lighting by smart home system


What exactly are mood lighting?


The goal of mood lighting is to create a subtle atmosphere in every room in the home.

Mood lighting often takes the form of soft lighting, serving as a powerful counterpart to illumination of an existing task.

Mood lighting helps break down and reduce décor when providing lighting levels appropriate for the specific task

How to put mood lighting around the house depending on the task of each space

Here we mention the most important spaces in the home that can benefit from smart mood lighting

  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Outdoors

 How you can get mood lighting by smart home system

Mood Lighting in the Bathroom

Putting a lamp in the bathroom is a problem. The solution is to put a candle, which is a mood light when you lie in the tubUsing smart LED bulb allows you to dispense with regular lights and control the light in-app on your smartphone. It is a fun way to adjust brightness levels and choose the color that best suits your mood after a tiring workday.


 How you can get mood lighting by smart home system


Mood Lighting in the Bedroom

The starting point for mood lighting is that you have a smart speaker in your bedroom where you can use Echo or Google Home to adjust the lighting according to your taste.

You can use the colorful strip lights in the bedroom.

How you can get mood lighting by smart home system

Mood Lighting in the Dining Room

LED RGB Bulb can work well on tables and dressers in the dining room

LED RGB strip can be lightly used around mirrors, clocks 

You can also exploit the main light for mood lighting as long as it is dimmable.

This can be spreaded everywhere in the house giving you the ability to control customized brightness levels with a voice command or just swiping

 How you can get mood lighting by smart home system

Mood Lighting in the Kitchen

Under cabinet lighting is an effective way to mix things in the kitchen.

The downlight works well, too. Get yourself some LED downlights so you can inserting some features into kitchen lighting and at the same time save energy.

Another great place to bring mood lighting is the breakfast bar. You will need far less lighting when you are at breakfast than you need if you cut vegetables, so make sure that the dining area gives you dim lighting.

How you can get mood lighting by smart home system

As in any room, you can also use LED Bulb nicely. If you want to simplify and give more smart control to existing lamps, what can you do? Try to take a smart wall switch and give your old lamp a smart shot at the front of the control

Mood Lighting in the Living Room

Using LED strips combined with powerful smart voice controlled lighting allows you to remain in total control of the atmosphere in your living room, without having to get up off the sofa.

How you can get mood lighting by smart home system

Dimmer smart switches allowing you to control brightness levels while you can personalize the light colors by app to add great atmosphere

Outdoor Mood Lighting

Be creative outside, too.

You can use on-off smart switches or smart plugs to control and automate old lighting in the outdoor spaces

Let technology automate the outside places and to increase the outdoor spaces by smart lighting.

How you can get mood lighting by smart home system

Whether you have an intimate dinner party or a strong barbecue party, make sure you have suitable outdoor lighting accordingly

Different Lighting Colors

First, proper smart lighting gives you an amazing choice of millions of colors

Also, you can use colors along with lighting when looking to create a certain atmosphere

Here are a few indicators on coloring and mood

 How you can get mood lighting by smart home system

  • Blue: quiet and peaceful color, blue can increase productivity if used in lighting
  • Green creates the least amount of eye strain, so if you spend long hours at home office, you may want to consider calming effects of green.
  • Purple can help you become more creative
  • Orange and Yellow: these colors add a dose of brightness to the atmosphere. These colors work well in the gym in your smart home
  • Red: Red is bold and urgent and works well when used slightly. Enter red into the dining room, where color encourages dialogue.

 How you can get mood lighting by smart home system

Think about how you can use the colors on the walls and floors to help build the atmosphere you want in your entire smart home. If used together effectively, you can get the atmosphere you need more easily than you think.

Well, we hope you have seen a number of ways you can reduce lighting and create a more comfortable home than ever before. Mood lighting does not need to cost a fortune. In fact, you can start here with a very little investment up front, then innovate and build a more ambitious ecosystem over time.

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