October 16, 2019

Keep your mind at ease while you’re away on vacation with Kancy Smart Home Products

Leave on vacation and worried about your home? Get the comfort in your knowledge with existing smart home products. 

They will protect your home and also give you the convenience of checking in any time you want. You can choose and choose the smart products that suit you and your home, and it doesn't have to cost you a fortune.

Below is a list of some products who must keep your peace of mind while you are on vacation.

Security Camera 

  Kancy Security Camera

Security cameras are one of the most popular technical gadgets that keep homes safe and sound. Today's cameras are equipped with intelligent and proactive security features to make home surveillance stress-free and simple. There are many security cameras that give you the ability to check your home as you go. You have full access to almost all angles with this best-chosen security camera.

Kancy Day and Night 1080p HD camera, which provide 24/7 video surveillance and App for remote monitoring, it is provided with PIR motion detector and two-way voice, it works indoors and outdoors, it is considered as smart camera because of embedded AI facial recognition.


Smart Locks 

A Smart Lock is an indispensable home product, whether you're traveling or not. 

The biggest benefit of electronic access systems is that they are highly configurable. Digital locks can be changed at any moment, and the landlord can create a record when each door has been opened.

Smart Locks  



Kancy smart Door Lock it features a sophisticated design, with many special characteristics like: Fingerprint Unlock, Mobile App Unlock, RFID Card Unlock, Anti-peeping Password Unlock, Mechanical Key, USB Emergency Charging Port,



Visual monitor doorbell

Kancy APP remote control, Support infrared night vision, Support PIR motion detection support image, Two-way intercom function, Day and night mode automatic switching

Visual monitor doorbell

Removable lithium battery, Support mechanical / wireless bell

Kancy Visual monitor doorbell

Smart Lights 

The ability to control your lights during your trip, or the presence of lights that control themselves makes a big difference. This smart home product saves you a lot of time, money and stress. While turning it on and off is meant to be simple, choosing the right option may not be the case. Here are some of our Lighting products. All product work with Kancy App, which is packed with features, including routines, schedule, sunrise/sunset automation, scenes, geofencing.

Smart Lights

Kancy Smart Bulb:  dimmable color smart bulb, KancyWall Light Switch,Kancy smart ON/OFF Switch and Kancy smart ambient lighting: Remote app control through Wi-Fi, Automatic Reaction which can automatically distinguish between night and day, perceive people, and then light up.

Smart Alarm sensors: 

Door and window magnetic sensor: it has many features like Door and window switch status monitoring, Historical status record, Battery status display, Low battery reminder, Smart scene linkage.

PIR infrared sensor: with many security features including: Motion detection alarm intelligent linkage alarm and Ultra low power consumption

Smart Alarm sensors

Smoke alarm:  with Compact and stylish appearance design with a patent, App-controlled remote mute function Low battery voltage alarm, Ultra-low power consumption design with

a battery lifetime up to 36 months.

With these smart home products, your next vacation will be one where you can truly relax, knowing that your home is safe and smart!