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October 14, 2019

Execute DIY Home Improvement

Some Smart Ways to Execute DIY Home Improvement

When you think of DIY home improvement, what first springs to mind? Do you think of simple DIY work with power tools?

Complete remodeling?

Yard work?


All of these are perfectly valid, but have you considered taking it a step further and improving your home the smart way?

Having fired several questions at you, today we’ll provide plenty of answers to the complex issue of smart DIY home improvement.

Today’s guide is equally applicable to home automation beginners and more experienced domotics fans. We’ll keep things simple to make sure these tips benefit you, whether you’re starting your smart home from scratch or upgrading it.

We’ll be giving you some pointers on smart DIY home improvement in the following areas:

Upgrading Your WiFi Network

Streamlining Entering and Exiting

Making Your Home as Energy-Efficient as Possible

Installing Robust Home Security

Smart Ways to Execute DIY Home Improvements

What do pretty much all smart home devices have in common?

Well, they all call for a dependable home WiFi network. Do you have you one in place? And by that we mean, do you have WiFi with good enough coverage?

1) Start By Upgrading Your Network

If you have a larger home, patchy dead spots and unreliable WiFi can be an issue. If you live in a smaller apartment, this is less likely to be a problem for you.

Assuming you have a reasonable ISP, what can you do to boost the signal if you’re not getting the coverage you want?

A mesh WiFi system could be the answer, but first, you need to know what they are and which ones are good.

A traditional router sends out just one blast of signal. A mesh system uses multiple nodes instead, so your home is equipped with a volley of signals. This almost completely eliminates those tiresome dead spots.


Also, most mesh WiFi systems are compatible with 5GHz WiFi. WiFi networks that use this higher frequency allow for quick data transfer and reduce interference. On the flipside, this frequency tends to get bogged down by obstacles. Unfortunately, many old routers won’t support this band, so you should opt for a mesh system instead.

When you’re gaming or streaming media, a volatile signal is a small, yet mild inconvenience. When the integrity of your security system and smart lock depends on it, though, it’s a completely different matter.

Google WiFi Home Mesh comes in a pack of 3 nodes and is a very effective method of covering homes up to 4500 square feet.

Network Assist onboard will optimize all settings so you’re not switching back and forth between different bands. For consistently strong WiFi 24/7, Home Mesh from the big G is well worth investigating.

The eero Pro WiFi System is now into its second generation and is another worthwhile option. You can get it up and running in minutes and this revamped model is quicker and more dependable than ever before.

Our final recommendation for today is from Samsung SmartThings and it will give you blanket coverage throughout the entire home.

Check our study of mesh WiFi systems right here if you want to find out more about this method of strengthening your home network.

2) Streamline The Entrance To Your Home by using Kancy smart lock

With your reliable and extensive WiFi network up and running, it’s time to think about smartening up the entrance to your home.

The obvious thing to do is to install a smart door lock.

We always try to keep our advice consistent here at Smart Home and we always recommend one smart lock over all the others.

Kancy Smart lock is one of the best for many reasons that we’ll outline below, but it’s also currently on sale. Act quickly and you’ll make the steal of the year while taking your DIY home improvement to the next level.


What makes it so good, though?

You are able to enter your home using a range of options. Kancy smart lock allows you to store up to 95 fingerprints if that is your preferred innovative method of entering your home. There’s also a regular touchscreen for your whole family to key in a code. All you need to do is include your password anywhere in a string of numbers, which keeps outsiders from acquiring your information. As with all smart locks, you’ll be able to use the app on your smartphone as well. Along with all these forms of entry, there is also a backup key provided.

This lock is perfect for households with family members of different ages and varying levels of comfort with tech. The wide variety of options that Kancy smart lock provides allows everyone to choose their way of entering and leaving home that suits them best.

3) Make Your Home as Energy-Efficient as Possible

We already mentioned smart thermostats above, but what we didn’t mention is that they are a great way to make sure your home is as energy-efficient as possible.

While they aren’t exactly cheap, the good news is that a great thermostat is not expensive by the standards of regular home improvement.

Smart Thermostat from kancy can regulate temperature and humidity within your home automatically. You’ll enjoy a perfect climate indoors while potentially saving on your power bills.


Smart lighting in all its forms can offer remarkable energy-efficiency along with the obvious upsurge in convenience you’ll experience.

All of these changes can be implemented without expensive remodeling, insulation or skylights. An energy-efficient home is truly a smart home in all senses.

Now, how about keeping your smart home and your family safe?

4) Install Robust Home Security:

Smart home security comes in many different forms.

Kancy, has an impressive new line of smart lighting that will help you encircle your home with their fabled Ring of Security. Kancy Camera is also a convenient way to keep track of comings and goings remotely.


Alarm systems are all good and well, but are not always appropriate for renters. A wonderful device that is suitable for pretty much anyone and priced competitively is Kancy motion sensor.


We hope some of these ideas have made you consider the idea of improving your home from a different perspective.

DIY Home improvement doesn’t always mean ripping down walls or building a new fence. As we showed you today, Twenty-first-century remodeling can take on many forms.

Today we provided a great base for you to start from if you’re just beginning your home automation journey. Start your smart home off on the right foot and your job will be easier down the line.

And for those of you who have already got the making of a robust connected home in place,  you should be able to use the ideas we provided to implement some smart DIY home improvements to your humble abode.

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