January 16, 2019

In the past decade, Information Technology (IT) revolution has enjoyed a major advancement by making the PC accessible to everyone, right from the comfort of their homes. And now, thanks to the evolution of communication technology, everyone can use their mobile device to get connected to anywhere in the world from wherever they are.

The advancement of information technology and communications together birthed the era of roaming with Smartphone, which combines both computer  and communication device functions through limited means, thereby offering audio and visual communication, and making social communication incredibly possible.

Kancy Smart Home

Those days began ushering in a whole new era which is now widely called the IoT (Internet of Things).

Come with me on this ride as we get to know more about Internet technology together.

What is Internet of Things?

IoT is the system of enabling things to connect to the Internet, and giving them the ability to communicate with each other, and perform diverse functions by exchanging data.

 Kancy Smart Home

What can these things be?

The thingsthat can be brought in on this new system includes, but are not limited to:

  • Home appliances and devices such as watches, televisions, refrigerators, heaters and air conditioning, etc.
  • Furniture, Utensils
  • Clothes and shoes and other personal home effects like glasses, fences, and rings.
  • Infrastructure: roads, bridges, tunnels, water and gas distribution networks, etc.
  • Animals, plants, and even humans.

As a matter of fact, anything and everything can be put into a processing unit and connected securely to the internet.

For instance, there is a livestock breeding system that can be placed or planted in the bodies of animals to monitoring their state of health and helps to guide in making the right decisions and predictions as to the best time for extracting milk or meat, etc.

Kancy Smart Home

As a result of this revolution, there are hundreds of millions of thingsthat are connected to the internet, exchanging information and carrying out tasks and functions in a more efficient and productive way.

It has been estimated that in the next five years, the number of things that will be connected to the internet will be numbering about 40 billion.

This invariably shows that it is important for us to keep tab and stay current with the trend of things, learning better ways to deal with things and take good advantage of this available technology.

The Smart Home technology can be said to be one of the most practical applications in the Internet of Things scheme, as it is targeted at improving the performance of things in the home, making them work more efficiently while saving energy.

 Kancy Smart Home

Here's a perfect scenario of the advantage the Internet of Things offers in the Smart Home System:

  1. You wake up in the morning and the curtains automatically open at the brink of sunrise.

Kancy Smart Home

  1. You walk into the bathroom to wash your face, and the light automatically turns on as soon as you walk in.
  2. While you are still trying to decide what to wear for the day, the Voice Assist gives you the weather report.
  3. While you are putting on your clothes and listening to your favorite music or news, the coffee maker automatically starts working and brews you a cup of coffee.
  4. When you are out of the house, you might have forgotten something you were supposed to do. Geofencing automatically deduces that you are out of the house and the scene of "The Glass From Home" gets working:
  • All light fixtures are turned off
    Kancy Smart Home
  • All electrical appliances not in use are disconnected
  • Heating and air conditioning systems are turned off.
  • Security system operations: Motion sensors and sensors for opening doors and windows.


    1. Even when you are not at home physically, you can stay in touch with your home by receiving alarms and notifications wherever you are as to everything going on in and around your home, and when there is any sort of emergency (power outage, gas or smoke leakage, home traffic, etc.).
    When you are done with work for the day, before you get home, the Geofencing feature gets to work to determine that you are nearing the house, showing a scene "On My Way Home":

    • The air conditioner or heating unit will get your home in the right temperature according to weather conditions, welcoming you to the right atmosphere.
    • The water heater is turned on.
    • Your food heating device is turned on.
      Kancy Smart Home
    • A few meters before you reach the house, the gates of your car pack are automatically opened.

      Your home will be ready to welcome you after a tiring business day.


      When you enter the house, on the "entering the house" scene-

      • The security alarm system is switched off.
      • Illumination devices work wherever you move.
      • Bath can be taken with pre-heated hot water.
      • The vocal aid lets you listen to your favorite music while you are eating hot food.

         Kancy Smart Home

        1. While you take a break by either drinking tea or sleeping, there’s the perfect scenery for you.


        This is a simple scenario that shows you the importance and benefits of taking advantage of Internet technologies in your everyday life.

        Your ability to keep up with the learning and acquisition of Internet things will help you adapt to the big changes that are daily taking place in your environment and take advantage of the good things technology promises in the coming days, so the question is- are you ready?

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