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January 21, 2019

If you are considering giving your home space an upgrade different from anyone else’s who constantly have to refurbish furniture, repaint or renovate walls and roofings, or do some constant decorations, then you have to think smart. Yes, give your home that authentic and useful upgrade by setting up a smart home system in your home.

Kancy Smart Home

The wireless home system is very easy to set up and does not require any form of renovation while installing it, which usually entails civil works like cracking, masonry, and construction because of the need for wiring.

At little cost, give your home a whole different look and enjoy full control of your home right from your smartphone.

 Kancy Smart Home

Let me show you some of the features you can add to upgrade and give your home that distinct makeover:

Smart Color Bulbs:

You don’t necessarily have to change the paint of your home whenever you feel like adding new color to your home. With the color bulbs, you can paint your space with more than 16, 000 colors.

You can also fix smart lights in hard-to-reach places like high ceilings, and you can customize the brightness or color to fit the room.

Kancy Smart Home

Smart Keys:

Enjoy being able to control the lighting in your home right from your smartphone. Control all your switches and lightings using preset settings from wherever you are in the house, when you are on the move, and to switch them off when you are out of the house.

 Kancy Smart Home

Smart electrical sockets:

Set your electrical appliances to work automatically just the way you want it- put them on or off using the remote control and your smartphone, even when you are out of the house.

 Kancy Smart Home

IR Control Driver

Gain maximum control of all your home appliances with just few clicks on your smartphone.

By controlling the heater and air conditioning, you can set your preferred temperature in your home even when you are away from home, or resting comfortably on the couch. You can also set it to work routinely in the morning and evening.

You don’t need to worry about looking for your TV or receiver’s remote control anymore as you can now do whatever you want right from your smartphone, which is always close to you and easily accessible.

 Kancy Smart Home

RGB Color Control:

Give your home an exquisite atmosphere and ambiance filled with beautiful colors; choose your favorite color for each occasion, and customize the brightness to your preferred level. You can fix the colored LEDs in your ceilings, behind paintings, or under the couch and control it right from your smartphone.

 Kancy Smart Home

Curtain Control

You don’t have to bother about opening/folding and closing your curtains in the morning and evening, it can now do so automatically.

 Kancy Smart Home

Door opening sensors and motion sensors:

Be assured of maximum security for your home even when you are out of the house with this smart guard which sends alerts and notification to your smartphones concerning what happens in and around your home. The motion sensor automatically turns on the light as you enter one room to the other.

Kancy Smart Home

Fire sensors:

Do not worry about losing your valuable possessions to fire or combustion, keep tabs of what goes on inside your home with the smart sensor that sends time to time alerts to your smartphone.

Kancy Smart Home

By installing this smart device, your home turns into a smart home, giving you the ability to manage and control the oscillator devices from one place, and from wherever you are.

Kancy Smart Home

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