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January 28, 2019

Many people may not realize how important it is to be able to control their electrical devices and appliances by voice.

We were coming from the supermarket loaded with many bags. We got home and needed to open the house and turn on the lights in the kitchen. At this moment it was really wonderful that we could all these tasks by voice command without any trouble.

Kancy Smart Home

With a smart home system that includes a wide range of smart devices that can be controlled by voice, you can control your home completely without using your hands

Kancy Smart Home.

 Voice control over time acquires more momentum and is becoming increasingly common.

Thanks to this technology and its integration with the smart home system, many people rely on this technology to perform many tasks.

Kancy Smart Home

Statistics show that 13% of families in the United States have voice control in 2017, and indicators refer to a rise of more than 55% in 2022.

People who have voice control integrated with smart home system say they have used voice commands for more than 70% of their daily routines to perform their tasks in the house.

Kancy Smart Home

Smart voice controls can also be used to hear your favorite music, news, weather, and a lot of interesting information

Voice control is more natural than the using hands for selection and control. This may be noticed more with children who find this technique easier to use.

Kancy Smart Home

And even older people, the smart home system with voice command device help them to interact more at home in the absence of family members and this makes them comfortable and to not feel boring, and facilitate their daily activities.

Kancy Smart Home









The demand for the smart home system enhanced by voice control increased significantly, through the voice command, for example, you can ask the switch to turn on and the turn off the lighting, air condition, lock and unlock the door and, move Curtains up and down.

Kancy Smart Home

When you speak to a voice command device, you can ask for listening to music, or ask about the weather also you can ask it to turn on the TV or air conditioner while you change your clothes or do the housework.

Kancy Smart HomeThe pinnacle of voice control is when you can control multiple devices at once by one spoken phrase.

Kancy Smart HomeFor example, you can simply say "Run the dinner party " to run a command list for this event, lights turn on in specific places, the curtains start closing, the TV turned off, the stereo raises the music sound and the fireplace starts working without needing to leave the room.

Kancy Smart Home

Despite all of its attraction, voice control isn’t the only end-all of a smart home lifestyle, you still need to use an application on your smartphone to watch the surveillance cameras, view and preview the status of your devices, and to add new controls. 

Kancy Smart Home

Simply, adding voice control is an easy, useful and fun way to control your smart home system and lets you keep your hands to yourself.

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