Smart Light Switch FAQ

These are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers, feel free to read below to know more about Smart Light Switches..

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Q.How does a smart light switch work?

A.A smart light switch is a smart home device with the ability to get connected to a wi-fi network at home or office, this switch allows you to control hardwired lights, ceiling fans, and other wired devices with an mobile app from your smartphone or with a voice command using devices like  virtual assistants. Smart switches add smart home features to anything you usually turn on or off with the flip of a switch.


Q. How to install smart light switch?

A. First of all we always recommend to follow the installation guide that comes with the device. >  Kancy Wi-Fi Wall Touch Switch Instructions

Follow 3 simple steps:

1. Turn off electricity in your home and remove your current wall switch panel.

2. Connect the wires to the smart light switch according with the guide

3. Attach switch panel to the wall and turn On electricity

4. The switch is ready to operate manually, to operate it through the mobile app. just follow the steps on setup guide > Kancy Wi-Fi Smart Devices Manual instructions


Q. How to use smart light switch? 

A. There are 2 simple ways to use the smart switch:

   1. Manually by touching with your fingers directly on the Smart wall switch to activate devices, or

   2. Remotely, by tapping on the Kancy mobile app the options to turn On or Off devices connected to the switch.


Q. What can a Smart light Switch Do?

AA smart light switch lets you control anything in your home connected to a wall switch, this control usually is through  a smartphone app or voice commander. The most common uses of smart light switches is to control lights, ceiling fans, bathroom fans, switch-controlled fireplaces, and even the garbage disposal


Q. Do a Smart Light Switch saves money?

A. The answer is: YES

There are several brands in the market, but one feature of Kancy Smart light Switches is that it has the ability to read the power consumption of the devices connected to the switch, this way you can eaily know if a devices is On, Off, or broken.

You will be able to know what devices are the most used and at what hours. This inclusive serves as a tool to know is someone is using an appliance or a light where you are miles away.

Think about this:  with a conventional light bulb, you only know that it has a power comsuption of X quantity of watts, but you will never know how many times that light was On, the same for a ceiling fan or whatever device you have connected to the switch. With a smart light switch you will have all that data right on your mobile phone or web app.


Q. Do all the Smart Light Switches need a neutral wire?

AThis in fact is a good question.

And the answer will depend of what country you plan to install the smart light switch on, let me explain.

According with the EU (European Union), electrical regulation, there is no need for a neutral wire, but the thing is a way different if the switch is going to be installed in the United States of America where a neutral wire is needed.

The good news is that th Kancy Smart light Switch comes prepared with a socket for a netral wire, so no worries, you can install this switch everywhere.


Q. Do Smart Light Switches Still Work With Smart Bulbs?

A. The answer is yes, but let me explain...

A smart light switch gives you smart control over "dumb" light bulbs already in your home; not only can you switch them On or Off from thousand of miles away or from just accross the room, you can also adjust the brightness and, in some cases, colour. If you have any lighting fixtures in your home that are incompatible with smart bulbs, a smart switch is your answer.

There is nothing that impides to connect a smart bulb with a smart switch but the thing it has not much sense to have them both on the same system. It is better to use smart bulbs where you cannot install a smart switches or you want to keep using your old standard bulbs.

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