Most Common Questions About Smart Home

We have researched and listed the most common questions people make about Smart Home, and we will try to answer one by one and add them as they arise from our customers, so feel free to read on below:

Q.What are Smart Home Devices?

A. A Smart home Device is a device that has the capability to get connected to the internet through a local wi-fi network and once it is
connected, the devices or appliances connected to it can be controlled remotely through a mobile or web app. In most of cases  These amart devices usually comes in the form of Smart Light Siwthces, Smart Plugs, Smart Bulbs, Smart On-Off Switches, Smart locks, Smart cameras, among others. With use of add-on devices it can be controlled with voice commands as well. The internet of things (IoT) is here and it will bring us a lot of benefits for many years to come.

Q.What can Smart Home Devices Do?

A. Smart light Switches usually can turn On or Off devices like lights, blinds, ceiling fans, several appliances like coffe machines, water boiler, the climate, as well as to monitor the power comsuption.
Smart bulbs usually allows you to dimmer lights to save energy or change colors to create difference ambiances. Smart plugs make smart any appliance you connect to them so you can control them with your smartphone. Smart on-off switches allows us to turn whatever devices or appliances we connect to them and schedule for they to perform any tasks at certain times of the days or we can program that certain event triggers other events as well. These all activities together will help you save time, energy and money in several ways.

Q.Do I Need a Smart Home?

A. People soon realize if they need a smart home or knot as soon they start to see the benefits, like tasks automation, energy body and electric energy saving, among a few others. From 2018 we started to seen everywhere talking about home automation and the internet of things (IoT) and for sure during 2019 will see this with more frequency.. 

Q.Do I Need a Smart Home Hub?

A. In order to make your home smarter, technically you don´t need a hub, but your own smartphone will become , with a proper mobile app the virtual hub where you can control all your devices from.

Q.Do I Need a Smart Home Hub with Google Home?

A. No, google home is a add-on device you can add to your smart home and you can control your smart devices by using your voice only there is no hub involved other than the smart device´s mobile app.

Q.Do I Need Echo Plus For Smart Home?

A. An echo plus is another add-on device you can use in your smart home, it is an smart speaker you can control your smart devices with by using only your voice, but the answer to the question is no, you don´t need it, but if you have it you can have a hand-free device (the echo) to control your devices  with voice.

Q.Do I Want A Smart Home?

A.Think about this, when computers arrived, people made the same questions and once they saw the advantages and benefits of having one, and the prices start to decrease, almost every one had one at home, the same happened with the smartphones. These kind of devices passed to being a luxury device alone to a neccesity device, sooner of later the benefits of smart home devices will make them a neccesity for everyone way beyond than just a luxury device. Download our free report below to know more about.

Q.Do it Yourself Smart Home, What this Means?

A. Most people think that smart devices are difficult to setup, but in most of the cases this involves a plug and play action, a few steps setting up a mobile app and you are done. So for most of them is like a do it yourself kit  to make your home smarter. If you know how to install a mobile app, connect a plug in the wall or plug a bulb in one socket, for sure you can setup your smart home. 

Q.Do it Yourself Smart Home Security Systems, What are They?

A. With the use more and more difused of mobile apps when even kids, young people and elderly people can download and use a mobile app, the implementation of a home security system can be done by  anybody who is able to follow a few steps on a brief guide, in some cases it just requires a screw driver, but in most of the cases is just a matter of setting a mobile app and plug a device into the wall or a bulb into a lamp socket..


Q.Do You Need a Smart Home For Google Home?

A. The answer is No,  the google home device is only an add-on device you can add to control your smart devices with your voice only but not 100% neccesary.

Q.How Can Biometrics Be Used in A Smart Home?

A.Biometric smart devices can measure the health state of a person or pet, and when a parameter is out or beyond some limits, these devices can start a phone to your doctor and/or call emergency services, alert your relatives among other things through your smartphone usually without the people intervention.

Q.How Can I Make My Home a Smart Home?

A.To make a home smart you just need from one to unlimited smart devices, you can use smart plugs, smart bulbs, smart light switches, smart thermotast, smart lock, smart cameras, smart vacuum cleaners, among other useful smart devices. Download our free report "4 Easy Ways to make Your home Smarter"

Q.How Can I Use a Smart Home?

A. In most of the cases if not all the control of your smart devices at home will be through a mobile app, so no hub, no wires, no nothing but a mobile app and your smartphone to control your own castle.

Q.How Does a Smart Home Work?

A. They way a smart home works is simple, the central virtual hub is usually a mobile or desktop app, all the smart devices are connected via wi-fi to your home network and all these devices receive a different name when joined to the network, so you can easily identify every item to control them through your smartphone. Once everything is ready, all you have to do is to tap  on your smart phone screen to send orders and control your devices. This can be done from a few meter away or from the other side of the world by using the internet

Q.How Much is a Smart Home? 

A.The cost of a smart home usually increase the house value when some kind of technology is implemented on it like smart home devices. These kind of homes present a lot of benefits for their owners so it is normal to have a hgher price when compared with a no smart home of the same style and size. 

Q.How Much is a Smart Home System?

A.There are several brands of smart home devices on the market, a smart home system can be easy implemented with your one device udner $30, but a more complete system with a smart bulb, a smart switch and a smart plub, can usually cost under $100, usually the mobile app is a free add-on to the system.

Q.How Much is Smart Home Wi-fi?

A. To have a smart home, you usually will need a internet modem or gateway to create the wi-fi network at your home and office. The cost of the smart home wifi, mostly will depend of the cost of the smart devices, but usually with under $100 you can create a smarthome system. The mobile app to control all the devices is for free in most the cases.

Q.How Much Would it Cost to Make a Smart Home?

A. The cost will depend on how many smart devices you will want to add to the system, but usually with under $100 you can start your own smart home system, the setup is pretty easy by joining all the devices to the network through a free downloable mobile app.

Q.How Smart Home Can Save Energy?

A.There are several ways this can be accomplished, one of the most common are:

1. By using smart bulbs you can dimmer your lights to save energy

2. You can usually measure power comsuption through the mobile app, this way you can see if one appliance or light is comsuming more than due and programming events like turn On or Off as soon a device is not being used to reduce electricity bill.

Q.How to Build a Smart Home?

A.In most of the cases the implementation of a smart home only involves the add-on of plug-n-play devices to control lights, and several appliances, adding features like energy comsuption and control remote though a mobile app.

Q.How to Build a Smart Home System?

A. To build a smart home system, you don´t need hundreds or even tens of smart devices, the minimum recommended elements are at least 4 and these can be: a smart plug, a smart light switch, a smart bulb, and a smart on-off switch. The quantities will depends on how many rooms, or appliances you wan to control with them. 

Q.How to Make a Smart Home With Alexa?
A. Alexa is only an add-on device you can use to control smart devices with your voice, so once you already make your home smarter, chances are that these devices be fully compatible with Alexa, adding an alexa echo device to the family will expand the capabilities and a hands-free feature to your smart home. Before buying any alexa echo device, please verify first if your smart
devices are fully compatible with alexa.

Q.How to Set up a Smart Home?
A. The setup to a smart home must be made usually through a mobile or web application, most of the smart devices with some exceptions, are a plug-n-play devices, like Smart bulbs and smart plugs, some of them like smart light switches, or smart on-off switches will require you to use a screwdriver to join some wires to the devices. The setup usually consist in to join the device to the local wi-fi network and assign a name for every device.
The names of devices of the same kind must be different always. Once the setup is ready you can control your devices through any mobile device a few meters away of from the other side of the world through the cloud.

Q.How to Set up a Smart Home With Alexa?
A. Every Alexa device usually requires you to download the alexa mobile app on your mobile device and join to the local wi-fi network. Once the alexa is part of the network., you just need to give a voice command to the alexa device which will communicate with the smart device to perform the required actions.

Q.Should I Build a Smart Home?
A. This is a question a lot of our customer make themselves and is normal, but once they learn about the benefits, they soon start changing their mindset to start making their homes smarter.

As with every new technology, in most of the cases the biggest barrier may be the high cost of the smart devices (with some exceptions of course), more than the lack of knowledge about the benefits. And as with all new technology, the faster people embrace it the faster the prices tend to decrease.

Think about these questions:
1. Would you like a more comfortable life?
2. Would you like to have a more secure home for you and your family?
3. Would you like to save on your electricity bill every month?
4. Would you like to have full control of your appliances at home?

If your answer  was YES to any or all of them, chances are that you are a good candidate to migrate your home to a smart home.


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