December 19, 2018

December… Many of people are waiting especially this time of the year. Because December means Christmas for them :)

Happy children, women and men who decorates their homes for a fresh new year and for a beautiful start :)

Decorating homes has different meanings. Happiness, joy, being together, doing something with your family or friends…

So,here they are. 5 things to do by using Kancy’s products in Christmas time.

1- You can equip your home with Kancy Smart Bulbs. So make it colorful as you wish!

2- Open your favourite Christmas songs by using your smartphones. Just a small touch required.

3- Set your home’s temperature. So Christmas’ warmth will be everywhere!


Meet Kancy - Smart Home Automation Devices


We are living the IoT (internet of Things), not tomorrow but today, The internet has evolved in such a way that we in fact cannot live with it anymore. We use the internet almost for everything: to communicate each other, to search for information, to buy something, to communicate something to the world.

And with the internet´s evolution it comes an increasing need of to have more interaction with the things that surround us on our daily activities and these things can be out appliances, out TV, radio,  and we want to have more and more control over all these things, and this control could be through our computer or TV or our mobile devices.

That´s what the IoT it is, and we wil lstart seeing more and more things controlled and communicated with our smartphone or mobile devices. Welcome to the IoT