April 13, 2019

With each day passing, there are more and more advancements in the network field which are made to meet the needs of peoples’ homes, cities and workplaces. Everyone wants to have an up-to-date kind of lifestyle which equally reflects on their choice of office and home setting. This is the reason why most people are settling for Smart home options over the normal home setting.

Smart Home

The Innovation of Smart Homes

Not everyone is familiar with the term “smart home” let alone the idea of having one. A smart home enables a person to have access to proper lighting and heating by use of a computer or a smartphone. Kancy Smart Light Switch facilitates the process of switching on and off lights, fan systems, switch-dependent fireplaces and garbage disposal at one’s comfort. This can be done easily through Alexa or Google assistant, which are purchased differently. This is, however, accredited to home automation, which enables the individual to remotely control their lights, appliances, heating and cooling systems by use of a smartphone.

Internet Of Things

Faster Networking Systems

The 5G network is an advancement of the 4G network, which is yet to be fully launched. It has been introduced to a few countries, but are not fully operational since 5G devices have not yet been fully established. The 5G network is expected to have superfast bandwidth speeds, very low-latency and will cover ten times the geographical area as compared to the 4G network.

5G Network

The question that automatically comes to mind is, how is 5G network beneficial to smart homes?  5Gnetwork will is set to increase the speed at which some of these Wi-Fi operated activities occur. This will facilitate the remote controlling of systems in Smart Homes by producing faster responses from Alexa and Google Assistant which are dependent on Wi-Fi to operate.

 Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is quite extensive. This is made possible by the ever-growing smartphone industries and the home automation as well. Smart homes are set to cash in an estimate of three trillion dollars annually as from 2022 to the youth. This is because there are predictions that smart homes will be adopted worldwide by then. The 5G network will lead to the development of the already established IoT which in return will lead to the growth of smart homes in the recent future.

 Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart Devices

Kancy Smart Devices

Smart devices are devices which can hear commands given to them by individuals and use the information to carry out the required tasks. These devices have voice services such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google assistant which are sold separately as in the case of Kancy Smart Light Switch which aid in carrying out the instructions. Individuals can opt to send the commands they wish to be carried out to Alexa, for instance, switching on/ off of lights.

Evidently, the 5G network, IoT, and smart homes are inter-related. This comes about mostly when considering the speed band widths which are meant to regulate the speed of responses given by the respective owners of smart devices and smart homes.