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March 08, 2019

The concept of IoT is no longer a new and unfamiliar terrain, in fact, since its invention till date, it has been a rapidly growing, successful, and eventful phenomenon, and it is therefore, not surprising that it is one of the leading business growth drivers as at today. Although the idea behind IoT has been known for many years, the technologies that shape and support it have greatly developed accordingly. The way IoT has so evolved overtime to be in the mainstream business is quite interesting, as everywhere you go, you can’t but see machines, sensors, gadgets, and actuators connected to a network to control and monitor physical systems remotely.

IoT is considered to be one of the disruptive technologies of this century, catching the attention of industries, academy, and the society at large. It has become a very efficient way of boosting day to day activities technologically, bringing about the creation of new business models, products, and services. A lot of organizations, alliances, companies, business enterprises, and even governments understand it’s important and are today maximizing its potential benefits and taking up strategic initiatives and projects which are aimed to develop and profit from the field of IoT.

Smart Home

A lot of families are also utilizing IoT to make their homes smarter and easier to live in. There are numerous IoT gadgets which are used in the home, to make the home much more conducive to run, secure, and optimize. For instance, you can have a unique ON/OFF KANCY SWITCHwith which you can turn on and off and control your dumb switches like celing fans, switch-controlled fireplace, garbage disposers, water heater, etc from wherever you are using Wi-Fi. It is Alexa and Google Home Hit compatible for voice controls, and you can monitor power consumption with the Kancy app.

You can also have a SMART PLUG which allows you to control all your appliances from anywhere in the world, and even when you are out of the house, you can turn on/off your appliances. So on days you had to rush out of the house to meet up with an appointment, you don't have to worry when you remember you left your appliances on. All you have to do is switch it off right from your smartphone. You can also find a smart CamDoorbell, which allows you to monitor everything that happens around your house. Even when you aren't home, you get live notifications when someone approaches your doorway, and you can also allow your guests into your home even when you aren't in. There's also the Smart thermostat which allows you to set yout home in just the perfect temperature before you get into the house.

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Today, the evolution of IoT is moving beyond connecting latest gadgets like smart thermostat, bulbs, smart doorbell, etc, all of which bring forth a smart home.


The same concepts and situations that birthed the sudden increase in smart customer gadgets like universal wireless connectivity, cheap sensors, better artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc, are also been utilized using big data to power the next generation industries.


This new technological layer which is referred to as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is going wild and transforming enormous industries like energy, mining, manufacturing, as well as transportation, therefore bringing about a multi-trillion dollar impact on the economy. IoT has today, become a big deal, transforming the backbone and stamina of various major companies by adding this new layer of technology which allows companies in optimizing their operations, implementing predictive maintenance, analyzing and tracking their work equipment, understanding massive amounts of data, and also make real-time decisions which were impossible before now.

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