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November 04, 2019

The Beginner’s guide of Smart Home


Are you completely lost when it comes to smart home technology? Don't you know where to start? Or what to buy?

Don't worry, we'll give you a smart home guide for beginners.

Smart Speakers

To start our smart home guide for beginners, we'll go straight to the world of smart speakers. They not only provides sound and audio throughout the house, but also they come equipped with a digital assistant. Among the most popular digital assistants are Apple Apple Siri, Amazon’s Alexa,

Alexa-The Beginner’s guide of Smart Home

and Google's Cortana. If you are having trouble try determining what is best for you.

 Google-Home-The Beginner’s guide of Smart Home

Smart Bulbs

Next in the smart home guide this is smart bulb, which is probably one of the easiest ways to bring your home to life. Because they are energy efficient, they can also save money in the long run. We call that win! After all, they are as easy as the screwing in the light bulb. How many smart home starters does it take to change a light bulb? Just one, because it's that easy!

If you check the LED smart bulb from kancy Its simple math, the longer the light bulb last, the less time you have to spend buying new bulbs. Another plus side to LED bulbs is that they tend to use 70 to 80 percent less energy than older bulbs, which is great because lighting uses more energy than anything else in residential measurements.

A great option for smart light bulbs in The Kancy LED Smart Blub, which provides long-lasting, energy saving, convenient lighting for your home.

Kancy Smart Bulb

They are also extremely renter-friendly, unlike installing a smart thermostat or putting in a brand new smart stove. You can find all kinds of smart light control devices that will fit perfectly in your home with kancy.


Kancy Smart Bulb


Smart Outlets

Smart Plugs are versatile and let you control almost any device with your phone or smart speaker. This includes things like fan, a wall conditioner, coffee machine or anything you can think of.

Kancy Wall SocketKancy Smart Plug US standardKancy Power Strip

You’re not gaining or losing any outlets by plugging one in you’re simply making an existing outlet smart by connecting it to your home Wi-Fi network.
If you like the idea of controlling lamps and appliances without having to stop reading a book, waking up from your favorite couch, or bed rest, then this is a must-have. Choosing the right one may seem difficult, but we make this smart home guide easy for you! Check out Knacy smart Plugs and sockets to see what works best in your smart home that is coming soon

When deciding which smart plug works best for you, it is important to research the plugin Like Kancy smart plug that works best with the products you already have.

This Smart plugs make it easy and affordable to automate just about anything in your home. Whether you’re new to smart home gadgets or a pro, Kancy smart plugs are a must have, and energy saving

Smart thermostat

There are a growing number of smart thermostat options on the market, although the most popular options are made by Nest and Kancy. The smart thermostat will make your home more comfortable and will also save you money by saving long-term energy costs. Thermostats can end up costing us a fortune if they are not properly tuned, or if someone messes with them.

Trust your thermostat, giving you the comfort of knowing that your home is safe when you are not at home. This product is best for homeowners who are looking to invest in their homes, ultimately to reduce costs. We strongly recommend exploring these thermostat products and evaluating different options.

You will learn your habits over time and know what temperatures you and others in your home prefer at different times of the day.

Kancy Smart thermostat

Not only does it make your living space more comfortable, but it can also help you spot any routine wastefulness.

The perfect addition to your smart home, creating a more efficient environment for you and your family.


Smart Locks

Next in the smart home guide this is smart locks! Smart locks let you issue one-time access codes for friends and families, and add an extra layer of security to your home. You no longer have to find your keys or open the door with hands full of groceries. Instead, you'll be able to get into your home without any problems.

You can also open the door directly from your smartphone if you are busy or remotely and someone is locked. Smart locks provide comfort and security that you can't get from a regular door lock. Check out Kancy smart locks.Kancy Smart Locks

Kancy smart Door Lock it features a sophisticated design, with many special characteristics like: Fingerprint Unlock, Mobile App Unlock, RFID Card Unlock, Anti-peeping Password Unlock, Mechanical Key, USB Emergency Charging Port.


 Kancy Smart Locks

Smart Security Cameras

If security is something you care about, don't stop at a smart lock. Modern smart security cameras allow you to check your home, pet or family members from anywhere. Today's cameras are equipped with intelligent and proactive security features to make home surveillance stress-free and simple.

The purpose of this smart home guide is to give you insight and direction, so here are two security cameras that we recommend:

  • Outdoor smart camera
    Kancy Outdoor Camera
  • Indoor smart camera

Kancy Indoor Camera


Kancy Day and Night 1080p HD camera, which provide 24/7 video surveillance and App for remote monitoring, it is provided with PIR motion detector and two-way voice, it works indoors and outdoors, it is considered as smart camera because of embedded AI facial recognition


We are confident that the products in this smart home guide will improve your daily life and make your home more secure, efficient and simple.

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