May 21, 2019

Smart homes are becoming more and more common. Everything from heat to garage doors can now be automated with the help of integrated devices that can all be controlled from a smart phone or smart device such as an Amazon echo or Google home. These devices are good for far more than just making your home run a little smoother - they can help you save money too. How can home automation become the key to reducing your household energy costs in general?

Power Strips

We've all come to computers, TV, and gaming devices connected to power strips. Most of them work as surge suppressors, keeping our electronic devices safe during lightning storms, but they still consume energy even when connected devices are turned off, which may increase your energy bill. Smart power strips do the same thing as standard power strips - providing additional sockets with your electronics protection - with an additional addition.

It also allows you to turn it off remotely when not in use, which prevents the drain of the imaginary energy that can lead to an increase in the electricity bill. Some even work with motion sensors - once they discover that you have left the room, they will be automatically turned off and restarted when you return. This saves you to remember that the power strips are closed when you leave.


Household lighting accounts for 11 percent of our domestic energy use. Smart lighting can help you reduce the amount of money you spend on energy costs. Smart lighting, which can be controlled by motion sensors or smart phones, can help save money. Motion sensors can turn on lights when the room enters and shuts off again when you leave. Smart lighting that is controlled remotely or by your smartphone can allow you to turn off the lights even if you are away from home - or turn on the lights when you arrive home late.

Smart Light

Smart Thermostats

We all know how important a good thermostat is to keep your home cooler. Smart heat is the next step up, technologically, when it comes to energy conservation. You can not only keep your home at home or work, but you can save between 10 and 23 percent of your total energy bill.

Smart thermostats allow you to adjust your air conditioner to keep your home warmer when you're away from cold and when you're at home - and cool off when you're on your way home to feel comfortable walking in the door. These heat regulators can be programmed so you can change the temperature inside your home according to the time of day, or even the temperature outside.

Power Monitoring

Smart devices are not only good to keep your house cool or low your energy bill - it can allow you to monitor your energy usage as well. Many built-in applications automatically create energy graphs that can help you see where larger energy is draining. If your smart devices do not reduce your energy usage as much as you want, studying these graphs can help you locate the biggest energy suckers you have.

Power Monitoring

Home automation is fantastically useful, but not good to make sure your garage door is already closed before you leave. Investing in smart appliances for your home can give you a little energy costs in your home, and this is worth every penny you put into automating your home. Even just installing a heat regulator can help you save up to a quarter of your energy bill every year.