Smart Plug FAQ

These are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers, feel free to read below to know more about Smart Plugs.


Q. What Is A Smart Plug?
A. A Smart Plug is a smart home device with the ability to get connected to a wi-fi network at home or office, to be controlled or activated usually through a mobile device or with a voice command using devices like virtual assistants.

Q. What Can A Smart Plug Do?
A. A Smart Plug can easily make smart every appliance you connect to it, and because of this be controlled On or Off through a mobile device, this control can be from a few meters away or from the other side of the world using the internet. Another feature is to measure the power consumption so you can monitor when any appliance or device has been activated, deactivated or broken inclusive.

Q. Do Smart Plugs Save Money?

A. The answer is yes. Indirectly, a smart plug through the mobile app can help you measure the power consumption and monitor the use of  your appliances, to know how often they are activated or inclusive if they are broken. Besides this, you can quickly activate or deactivate them from your smartphone without waiting to reach them physically, this will save you time and energy on your next bills. 

Q. Do I Need a Smart Plug?

A. The answer will depend on what do you really want for your life, let me explain, as you probably had read above, with a smart plug you can control your appliances with your smart phone, from a few meters or from thounsands of miles away, know the status, turn them On or Off quickly without wasting precious time and electric energy or inclusive without having to walk saving energy body, besides you can monitoring the power consumption to save o nyour electricity bills. so if you want anything or all of the above mentioned, then the answer is Yes!

Q. How Does a Smart Plug Work?

A The Smart Plug circuitry is built with tho sections, Wi-fi section to connect to the local wi-fi network, and the Switch section, that will allow the power to reach the appliance connected to it. The On/off operation of the switch is controlled through a mobile app or through a voice commander like google home or Alexa. . 

Q. What Can I Connect To A Smart Plug?

A. You can connect all the appliaces you usually connect to a usual plug on your wall. Normal appliances that work with an On/Off staus´ change like lamps, ceiling fans, garbage disposals, coffe machines among others, can be easily connected and activated whenever you want with a simple tap on your smartphone´s screen.

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