Smart On-Off Switch FAQ

These are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers, feel free to read below to know more about Smart On/Off Switches.


Q. What is a Smart On/Off Switch?
A. A Smart On/Off Switch is a small switch device with the ability to get connected to a wi-fi network at home or office, to be controlled or activated usually through a mobile device or with a voice command using devices like virtual assistants. 

Q. What Can a Smart On/Off Switch Do?
A. An On/Off Switch makes smart any device attached to their ports through a wired cable, you can control all kind of lamps, appliances, ceiling fans, bathroom fans, switch-controlled fireplaces, normal non-smart plugs, garbage disposal, water heater, A/C, and more.

Q.How does a smart On/Off switch work?

A.A smart On/Off switch is a device you can make smart any device you connect to it throug a wire, the way it work is as follow, the Wi-fi section is deicated to get the connection to the network, this section command the switch section that is in charge of open or close the circuits to activate the devices or appliances connected to the switch. Al lthe control usually is through the mobile app.


Q. How to install a smart On/Off switch?

A. First of all we always recommend to follow the installation guide that comes with the device. 

Follow 3 simple steps:

1. Turn off electricity in your home and remove the wall faceplate you will installe the switch on..

2. Connect the appliances´ wires you want to control to the smart On/Off switch according with the installation guide.

3. Place the swtch into the socket in the wall and place the faceplate back where you removed from. Turn electricity back On

4. The switch is ready to operate, to operate it through the mobile app. just follow the steps on setup guide > Kancy Wi-Fi Smart Devices Manual instructions


Q. How to use smart On/Off switch? 

   Once you define the switch into the Wi-Fi network using the Kancy mobile app. and given a name.

   All you have to do is send the command to turn a device On or Off as you wish.

   This control can be from a few meters away or from the other soide of the world.


 Q. Do a Smart On/Off Switch saves money?

A. The answer is: No by itself, but YES with the user intervention, let me explain.

By using the mobile app you can turn devices On or Off as is you operate them manually, but  the way to sabve energy is by turn them Off immediately without having to walk out from your room to turn a device locate until the last room of your home. 


Q. Do Smart ON/Off Switches Still Work With Smart Bulbs?

A. The answer is yes, but let me explain...

A smart On/Off switch gives you smart control over "dumb" devices already in your home; you switch them On or Off from thousand of miles away or from just accross the room,

There is nothing that impides to connect a smart bulb with a smart On/Off switch but the thing it has not much sense to have them both on the same system. It is better to use smart bulbs where you cannot install a smart light or smart On/Off switches.

Q. Does a Smart On/Off Switch Needs a Hub?

A. The Answer is NO. As a standalone device this switch  doesn’t requires a hub or controller, the Kancy Switch can be installed in any universal power junction or wall power outlet. It’s so small, it fits easily and has DIY capability for the experienced user. And you can use your existing WiFi connection and you don’t have to replace any of your power switches or sockets, saving your time and money.


Q. Location Service?

AFor ease of use and quick integration, Kancy has been designed to work with many other IoT brands. A ”Location Service” keeps you updated –in real time–on the status of your places, monitoring all active appliances and deactivating any appliance you choose at fingertip control through the Kancy app. With the user location information provided by the iOS/Android systems, Kancy’s “places profile” can define your place’s location to apply the location-based rules.

Q. What Kind of Rules Can I Set?

ASome of your rules may read:

  • My Rule 1: “When I am more than 20mls away, switch OFF water heater and A/C.”
  • My Rule 2: “When I am closer than 5mls from home, switch ON water heater and A/C.”
  • My Rule 3: “When I leave my home all lights are switched OFF –except 1st and 2nd floor energy saving lamps and the garden lights are ON between 19:00 and 23:00 AND the door bell gets transferred to my mobile”. (Possibly even just as the door intercom, so I can answer the door even when I am not at home).
  • My Rule 4: “5 Minutes before I approach home, garden lights and 1st floor lights are switched ON”.
  • My Rule 5: “When my door bell is activated between 19:00 and 6AM Garden lights are switched ON for 10min”.


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