Smart Bulb FAQ

These are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers, feel free to read below to know more about Smart Bulbs.

 Q. What Is a Smart Bulb?
A. A smart bulb is a device that has the ability to get connected to the internet though a local wi´fi network, this kind of bulbs usually allows lighting to be customized on intensity and color, scheduled and controlled remotely usually through a web or mobile app. Smart bulbs are among the most immediately accepted devices in the growing category of home automation and Internet of Things (IoT) products.

Q. What Can Smart Bulbs Do?
A. Wether you want to change your ambiance with a different lights´color, dimmer to save energy or schedule at what time you want to turns the lights On or Off, these are only some of the features of a Kancy Smart Bulb. Please keep reading to learn more.


Q. Do I Need an Alexa For my Smart bulb?

A. The answer is NO. The Kancy mobile app provides full control over your Smart Bulbs through your smartphone. The Alexa echo devices are an add-on devices you can use on smart home to control almost any smart device like on this case Smart bulbs with voice commands. This adds a hand-free feature to your smart home system but of course you can control all your smart bulbs through your smartphone only without any Alexa.

Q. How Can I Save Money With a Smart Bulb?

A. These bulbs when compared to the almost extinguised incandecent bulbs, save energy by themselves. The use of smart bulbs is every day growing and with more people accepting them because of it´s features and benefits, event when most of the people use them mostly to decorate their homes by changing the colors, one of the biggest benefits of them is that you can dimmer the lights at certain time of day and with this save energy, which will traduce at the end of the month in a reduced electricity bill.

Q. What Are The Main Features of a Smart Bulb?

A. Well of course this answer will depend of the brand you are talking to, But on regards the Kancy Smart Bulbs, the main features are listed below:

1. Can dimmer the lights to save energy

2. Can be Turn it On or Off through your smartphone

3. Can change light colors

4. Can schedule the On or Off event at certain times of day.

Q. Do smart bulbs work in ceiling fans?

A. The answer is yes, usually ceiling fans that have lamp bulb on it, work with a separate switch for the lights and for the fan. So even when you could control the ceiling fan with a Smart Switch, you could have Smart Bulbs on it and to be controlled separately.


Q. Do smart bulbs work with normal switches?

A. The answer is yes, you can control a smart bulb manually with a normal wall switch or remotely though a smartphone.There´s no much sense into use smart light switches with smart bulbs in the same system even when you can of course.


Q. How does a smart bulb work?

A. The internal circuitry of a smart bulb, has a section for the wi-fi connection and a section fo pass through the electrical current to the bulb itself. The first step is to join the smart bulb to the local wi-fi network of your home or office. The activation of the bulb usually will be though a smartphone with a dedicated mobile app or you can also activate the bulb manually by touching a Wall sitch that can be or not smart.


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