Kancy ON/OFF 2 channels Switch

Wifi ON/OFF 2 channels Switch (Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant)

No Hub
Using your existing home Wi-Fi network, Kancy ON/OFF 2 channels Switch provides wireless control by mobile using Kancy Mobile App.

TAKE CONTROL: Turn your dumb devices On/Off, like non-smart lights, ceiling fans, bathroom fans, switch-controlled fireplaces, garbage disposal and more, set up schedules from wherever you have WiFi connection using the Kancy Mobile App (iOS and Android). Control your Kancy On/Off Siwtch with your voice using Alexa or Google Assistant (sold separately). measure power consumption with Kancy mobile app.
VOICE ACTIVATED: Kancy ON/OFF 2 channels Switch works with Alexa or Google Home Kit for voice control (Alexa and Google devices are sold separately). 
LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES: Add additional Smart On/Off Switches to your smart home and expand your Kancy ecosystem and control all your from everywhere through any mobile device and the Kancy mobile app.
EASY INSTALLATION: To install the Kancy ON/OFF 2 channels Switch, turn Off your home´s electricity and connect the devices you want to control using wires and a screw driver, hide the switch behind the wall faceplate at your desired wall location, turn on electricity back On,  download the Kancy mobile app and pair your switch within a few steps. Always follow the guide that comes with your smart device.


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