June 09, 2017

Transform your space into an intelligent home with the Kancy Smart Wi-Fi Tiny Switch. Coming in four models, you can control your entire home from your smartphone – including your not-so-smart appliances. It even makes your smart appliances smarter. Kancy is available as a relay, dimmer, servo, and an outlet. The relay is perfect for turning things, such as lights, on and off. The dimmer allows you to adjust in increments while servo helps you open and close your blinds and doors. Finally, the outlet is ideal for delivering fast charge to all of your devices. In addition, Kancy requires no hub and even learns your routine. You can install the standalone device in your outlets to it’s neatly out of the way. Using the IoT app, you can totally customize your home, room by room. The app even allows you to create routines and even view your power usage.