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Smart Bulb for Smarter Homes

Touch The Future, Today!

Intelligent Lighting with Wi-Fi Control Meet Kancy Smart BulbKancy Smart Bulb brings smart home technology to your home with our Kancy mobile app.

Manage Light!

Kancy Smart Bulb allows you to manage your home and your office lights with your mobile device. The Kancy smart bulb can easily be turned on and off anywhere in the world.


Kancy Smart Bulb


Manage Colors!

Whether you want to have a romantic dinner or just relax at home alone with your music book you love. According to your preference Kancy Smart Bulb changes color. Replace the ambiance in your home with a little touch from your mobile device. Choose from thousands of color options.


Kancy Smart Bulb


All Home is under the Control

You can define Kancy Smart Bulb according to your rooms at home and control your entire home with one application. While watching the movie in the living room, you can turn the Kancy Smart Bulb into a perfect sleeping lamp in your daughter's room.


Kancy Smart Bulb

Do more!

You can share the management of the lamps in your home with your family, provide the automatic opening of the lights during the day, and turn it off when the day is up. At certain times of the day you can only open the lights in certain rooms. You can define the rules connected to your location and automatically turn on all lights when you are at home.


Kancy Smart Bulb

Save Energy!

It analyzes power consumption and allows you to save on power.


Kancy Smart Bulb

Compatible with Android and IOS

Get started with easy installation from your Android or iOS device.


Kancy Smart Bulb


Kancy Smart Bulb Specifications

 Voltage 110-240V
Power 6.5-9W
Light Source LED
Light color RGBW/W
Material PC + Aluminum
Luminous Light Intensity 600 IM
Base US E26 110v EUR E27 220v E26-E27
Dimension -30 - 50℃
Worktime Lifetime 25000
Certificates SGS, CE, FCC, RoHS
Google Home

Kancy Smart Bulb Capabilities

Smart Acces

You can control your smart bulb in anywhere has internet with your smartphone.

Scheduling The intelligent power supply activates the automatic power electronics by time planning and adjusts the lighting to will been switched off when the sun rises.
Energy Monitoring Analyze the device's real-time and historical power consumption.
Outside Mode When you are not at home, it turns on your devices at different times to give someone the impression of someone being at home.
Sound Control With Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

How does smart bulb work?

  1. Buy Kancy Smart Bulb
  2. Place Kancy Smart Bulb in your home.
  3. Define it to the Kancy Application.

That's all. Now all your household appliances are at your fingertips.

You can control them with one click easy.


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